Yacht & Pleasure Craft Insurance

Enjoy the benefits of protection for boats and other types of marine pleasure craft

Argus offers comprehensive insurance (including third party) against a variety of threats to your boat & pleasure craft.


Yacht & Pleasure Craft Insurance: What Does It Cover?


Third-Party Liability

Third-Party Liability

Argus offers Individual Boat Liability insurance, which includes coverage of compensatory damages for loss of life, personal injury, removal/destruction of vessel and associated legal costs.



A range of coverages are available to offer financial protection against boat theft or theft of outboard motor(s), gear or equipment.



Provides indemnity from liability on an all-risk or named-peril basis. Certain navigational limits may apply.

Additional Protection


Argus yacht and pleasure craft insurance plans include coverage for collisions with other vessels as well as damage to piers and other structures.

Perils of the Sea

Argus Yacht & Pleasure Craft coverage will help shield boat owners from the financial burdens associated with damage caused by perils of the sea.

Flexible Limits

If your business does not fit within one of our package policies, let us customise a package for you. We can adapt a policy to suit your individual insurance requirements. ​

Material Damage

Our coverages include, but are not limited to, indemnity against perils of navigable waters, fire, jettison or contact with deck/harbour equipment.

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